Johan Wallin
Synocus Group

Johan Wallin, who started his career as a marketing executive, is since 2001 the managing partner of Synocus Group, a pioneer in ecosystem orchestration. He has a doctoral degree from Aalto University and has published several articles and books including Business Orchestration (Wiley, 2006) and Prime Movers with Rafael Ramírez (Wiley 2000). Synocus is the orchestrator of numerous business ecosystems such as Nordic Urban Mobility Ecosystem and Manufacturing Excellence Finland, both of which are sponsored by the Finnish government through Business Finland. Synocus has offices both in Finland and in China, and works extensively internationally through its partner network. Based on his practical experience from initiating and nurturing different forms of business networks Johan Wallin will reflect upon how the present business context of increased uncertainty, digitalization and climate change impact ecosystems and their orchestration; particular emphasis will be put on understanding the social architecture supporting successful ecosystems.