Rosario Faraci
University of Catania

Rosario Faraci, Ph.D. , is Professor in the Department of Business Economics and Management of the University of Catania (Italy), where he served as Deputy Chair and also holds an appointment as President of the Undergraduate Program in Business Administration. He has been Visiting Professor at the University of Florida and Visiting Research Scholar at the Texas A&M University. He has been Director of the Master Program in e-Business at the University of Catania. He served as a member of the Research Committee at the Academy of Management, BPS Division. In 2007 he was co-organizer of the SMS Special Conference “New Frontiers in Entrepreneurship: Strategy, Governance, and Evolution”. His research interests are in the areas of strategic management, corporate governance, entrepreneurship and family business, privatization of state-owned firms. He has authored/edited six books and numerous articles in leading journals. He serves as Co-Editor of the Journal of Management and Governance.