Thomaz Teodorovicz
Harvard University

Thomaz works at the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard. He is also a research associate at the World Management Survey and a researcher at Insper Metricis, a research group in São Paulo (Brazil) that studies business strategies for high socio-environmental impact. His research interests lie at the intersection of strategic human capital management, knowledge management, and strategy in contexts of high social impact. His projectss address the incentives for organizations and workers to co-invest in general and firm-specific knowledge, the relationship between strategies that scale knowledge and human capital management, and the “Future-of-Work”. He is originally from Brazil, where he lived most of his life before starting his post-doc at Harvard. Prior to transitioning to the international academic community, Thomaz was a visiting graduate student at the University of Toronto (Rotman School of Management) and obtained his PhD in Business Economics at the Insper Institute of Education and Research, in Brazil.