Christina Wawarta
University of Warwick

Christina is currently finishing her PhD in the field of Strategy-as-Practice at the Warwick Business School on open, temporal, and cultural practices in new ways of strategizing. In addition to her doctoral degree, Christina had worked as a manager for 7 years at Capgemini Invent’s Strategy & Innovation Unit in Central Europe. Due to her background in industry, she has always been interested in the field of SAP and its communities. For example, she organized the SAP Doctoral & Early Career Program at AoM during the last 4 years and was also responsible for the SAP-R workshop in April 2019 in London. Going forward, Christina would like to become more active in the SMS Strategy Practice Interest Group. For this purpose, she wants to share and leverage her experiences and knowledge from her previous roles to provide new impulses for the SMS Strategy Practice IG in the next two years.