Jeremy Davis
University of New South Wales

Jeremy Davis was the Dean of the Australian Graduate School of Management from 1980 to 1989 and appointed AMP Professor of Management when he retired as Dean. He is also a former President of the Strategic Management Society. Jeremy Davis started his business career with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) at a time the company was small and rapidly growing. He worked with BCG in Boston for two years then moved to Paris to help set up BCG’s Paris office. Jeremy Davis was later promoted to San Francisco as Managing Partner and eventually returned to Paris as Managing Partner. He left BCG to take up his appointment as AGSM Dean. During the last 15 years, Jeremy Davis has developed and taught a number of innovative, highly regarded courses in the areas of strategy and negotiation. His successful teaching style is underpinned by a belief that academics need to strike a balance between providing students with intellectual and conceptual structures and giving them learning opportunities to master these concepts.