Tim Mazzarol
University of Western Australia

Tim Mazzarol is a Winthrop Professor in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Marketing and Strategy at the University of Western Australia and an affiliate Professor with the Burgundy School of Business, Groupe ESC Dijon, Bourgogne, France. He is also the Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation, an independent initiative designed to enhance awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation and small business management. He is also a Qualified Practising Market Researcher as recognized by the Australian Market and Social Research Society, and President of the Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand. He has around 20 years of experience of working with small entrepreneurial firms as well as large corporations and government agencies. He is the author of several books on entrepreneurship, small business management and innovation. He holds a PhD in Management and an MBA with distinction from Curtin University of Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from Murdoch University, Western Australia.v