Lai-Si Tsui-Auch
Nanyang Technological University

Lai Si Tsui-Auch conducts research on the organization-environment relationship, covering topics of corporate governance reforms, entrepreneurship and business groups, as well as the development of trust and control within multinational corporations. Her publications appear in Organizational Science, International Journal of Business Studies, Organization Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Management Learning, Journal of Asian Business, International Sociology, Journal of International Urban and Regional Research, Development and Change, etc. One of her conference papers became the Winner of the Carolyn Dexter Best International Paper Award in the Academy of Management Annual Conference, 2007. Her Organization Studies (2005) paper received a special Citation of Excellence Award by the Emerald Management Reviews for 2006. She served on the editorial board of Organization Studies (UK/Europe) and the strategy/IB division of Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. She is currently serving as on the editorial boards of The Qualitative Report (USA), and International Journal of Management Studies and Research (India).