Anna Minà
University of Rome LUMSA

Anna Minà is associate professor of Management at University of Rome LUMSA, Palermo campus. She has been assistant professor of management at University of Enna (UKE), and postdoctoral research fellow in strategic management at Sapienza University of Rome, and University of Catania. She has been Visiting Scholar at NYU’s Stern School of Management and ISB Indian School of Business. She gained her PhD in Business Economics and Management, at University of Catania, and received her MSc and BSc Degrees in Economics & Management from the University of Palermo. In the case of both degrees, she was awarded magna cum laude for the remarkable results achieved with the final thesis. Her research revolves around the conceptualization of coopetition strategy and the emergence of coopetition in inter-firm network and channel relations. Her research interests also focus on the antecedents and consequences of corporale social irresponsibility. She has received the Best Paper on The History of Corporate Social Responsibility from the Academy of Management, in Philadelphia and the Best Paper Award Runner-up on “Coopetition and Value Networks” from the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, in Katowice. Her research work has been published in various international outlets, including Academy of Management Perspectives, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, and Journal of Management & Governance. She serves the editorial board of Management Decision.