Research Funding Programs

The promotion and encouragement of research and scholarship are among SMS’ primary purposes. This includes the generation, retention, and dissemination of new knowledge in the field of strategic management. In support of these goals, the Society operates Strategy Research Foundation (SRF) programs to award research grants to individuals or groups identified through a competitive application and review process.

SRF News

The SRF research-funding programs are motivated by a strong belief that the field of strategic management will benefit from an entity devoted to supporting research that advances its concepts, theory, and practice. To ensure the ongoing availability of funds for the SRF programs and grants, the SMS has set aside the major part of its reserves in a Research Endowment fund. Click here for more information about this endowment.

The Strategy Research Foundation (SRF) is proud to fund research that seeks to support and advance the field of strategic management. Click here to view a list of grant recipients.

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