2014 Board of Directors

picture of Robert Hoskisson Robert Hoskisson President
Term 2013-2014
Rice University

picture of Marjorie Lyles Marjorie Lyles President - Elect
Term 2013-2014
Indiana University

picture of Jay Barney Jay Barney Past President
Term 2013-2014
University of Utah

picture of Steven Floyd Steven Floyd Treasurer University of Massachusetts-Amherst

picture of Nikolaus Pelka Nikolaus Pelka Executive Director Strategic Management Society

picture of Pamela Barr Pamela Barr Term 2012-2014 Georgia State University

picture of Russell Coff Russell Coff Term 2012-2014 University of Wisconsin-Madison

picture of Richard Whittington Richard Whittington Term 2012-2014 University of Oxford

picture of Laura B. Cardinal Laura B. Cardinal Term 2013-2015 University of Houston

picture of Javier Gimeno Javier Gimeno Term 2013-2015 INSEAD

picture of Costas Markides Costas Markides Term 2013-2015 London Business School

picture of Africa Ariño Africa Ariño Term 2014-2016 IESE Business School

picture of Nicolai Foss Nicolai Foss Term 2014-2016 Copenhagen Business School

picture of Gabriel Szulanski Gabriel Szulanski Term 2014-2016 INSEAD

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